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30 October 2010

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Pink and Green
10 October 2009

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28 September 2009

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West Side Story
27 September 2009

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26 September 2009

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a perfect day's end
17 July 2009

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Brooklyn Museum
4 May 2009

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View from the Lake
4 March 2009

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30 December 2008

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Off Season
29 November 2008

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The Sphere
22 August 2008

Recent Comments

Sandrine on M+K
so romantic...

Shaahin Bahremand on M+K
very lovely! fantastic! excellent

Katalog Stron on M+K
nice shot,wish all the best and Happy New Year

Sharon on J+D
You captured a special moment, lovely.

Sharon on A+E
The background is perfect. I love the way there are looking at each other

Sharon on M+K

Paco Rubio on M+K
Nice shoot! Grreetings!

mehdi on A+E
very good shot ..... nice color + nice bokeh = nice shot

Shahryar on J+D
nice shot :)

Garfield on J+D
My compliments, Sharon .. awesome job done here :)

Curly on J+D
Great moment with a magical smile.

SaMaNa on R + J
I like your unique and lovely shots good luck

SaMaNa on Eddie and Ingrid
lovely and wonderful shot

SaMaNa on Kelly
Very nice and dreamy shot :)

San G. on Spectators
Lovely curving lines and color. The mix of illumination and gathering darkness is dynamic. Even more powerful because ...

San G. on Wall
Beautiful choice of framing. Is this the American Indian Museum in Washington, D.C.? I love that this is a detail.

Abbas عباس on Eddie and Ingrid

Abbas عباس on Aint it grand?
Nice !

The MaJor on Aint it grand?'s very special catch!!!yeaa

Sharon on Aint it grand?
Just like Cinderella, beautiful

Sharon on Bubbles!
This is a great shot. I love the way you captured the bubbles.

Jocelyn on Bubbles!
Oh, Sharon, this is MAGICAL!! You must have been bubbling(!) with excitment when you captured this.

Sharon on Run!
This is beautiful.

bahman on Eddie and Ingrid
wowww..sun see them

bahman on A + J
full of love..

Sharon on Once upon a time
This is just lovely.

Benoit Darrieux on Adam and Pia
Your pages are an "ode" to love. This kiss is so nice.

Benoit Darrieux on Once upon a time
Superb image. Intrusive, indiscreet, but respectful in the same time. Wonderful composition.

Jocelyn on Once upon a time
Perfect composition. Where is this place? Its gorgeous!

Jocelyn on C'mere!
Hi Sharon. I like here how, with the leaves in the frame, it looks like we're sneaking a peek at a private ...

Sharon on A + J
Understated, and beautiful.

Stef67 on A + J
magnifique, un hymne et un bonheur à la vie, que le soleil éclaire à jamais leur route^^

Robert Buckley Photography on R + J
Good subject composition. Nice colors and excellent depth of field. I love the woman's expression in this shot.

Robert Buckley Photography on A + J
Very nice b/w and depth of field. Lots of emotion. Good work!

Parasaran on A + J

Stef67 on Eddie and Ingrid

Sandrine on Eddie and Ingrid

Sharon on L♥ve
It is a very sweet shot.

Sharon on L+J
Love the composition.

AndrewS. on Full of love
such a feel-good shot. they look amazing! great job!

AndrewS. on L+J
screams nyc. beautiful couple cherishing their moment together with not a care in the world for the fast city life ...

Sharon on Full of love
They both look so happy, It just looks so natural.

Sharon on Eddie and Ingrid
Lovely silhouette, beautiful composition, nice work

payam on Eddie and Ingrid
i like it.

Ingrid on Eddie and Ingrid
It's the only way I can ever reach him - sometimes I forget that I'm 5'3"! I agree...lovely shot. ...

zecarlos on Eddie and Ingrid
Absolutely amazing shot.

alex centrella on Eddie and Ingrid
love caught !

Zorilla on Eddie and Ingrid
Sweet - I like the fact that she's on tippy toes

Hoshisato on Eddie and Ingrid
Very nice!

ISO on Full of love
perfect image I like the message behind this.

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